Landscaping For Hotels And Resorts In Miami And Broward


Maintain a five star luxury appearance all year round with Service Queen for your hospitality business. Even subtle changes in your landscaping can have a significant impact on whether guests stay with you. It is important that your property looks its best every day of the year whether it’s high or low season.


Maintain Guest Loyalty and Decrease Vacancy

Over 70% of hotel guests say eye-catching landscapes are one of the top ten things that draw them to hotels and resorts. It also gives guests a great reason to return when you have lush seating areas around the pools, championship golf course conditions, and a landscape that’s picture perfect. Make your resort or hotel a landmark for people to travel to.

Create Brand Awareness, Increase Prices

Whether you’re the owner of one or multiple resort or hotel locations, an aesthetically pleasing landscape leaves your brand looking consistently beautiful. Partner with Service Queen to obtain a landscape maintenance model trusted by facilities all over North America. Our uniformed and a well trained local crews keep your brand looking consistent and beautiful, while also helping to build long-term value and repeat clients.

Reduce Liability, Ensure Guest Safety

Service Queen provides regular monitoring and maintenance of potential hazards, such as faulty irrigation due to storm debris, or weak tree limbs. Maintain the safety of your guests while they enjoy your hotel or resort.

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