Residential Landscaping Services In Miami and Broward

  • For Communities and HOAs
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Landscaping Made Simple
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The place one calls home should be a point of pride. We work to make thousands of properties across South Florida clean cut, and show an image of perfection. At every location, from planned communities, outdoor amenities, apartment complexes, multi-family housing and smaller residential developments, our experts make it a priority to ensure your landscape pleases all who see it and serves all who use it.


Communities and HOA’s

Give tenants and residents a place they’re proud to call home with a landscape that helps build community, enhances property values, and furthers your property goals. As your partner, we strategically prioritize, efficiently execute and consistently perform while maintaining our focus on you, your residents and your combined needs and priorities

Multi-Family Housing

Beautiful residences and unique amenities are important factors in retaining and attracting tenants. Another key component is landscaping. A vibrant and cohesive outdoor environment fosters a sense of community while boosting curb appeal. It also increases your property values and gives your brand an identity, helping to differentiate it from the competition.

Government Housing

Service Queen provides regular monitoring and maintenance of government housing. No matter where a building is located, everyone deserves a well kept landscape and place to call home.

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