Landscaping For Retail Businesses in Miami and Broward

Retail Landscaping Experts

Before consumers walk into your business the first thing they judge your company by is how well its maintained. “A professional business has a professional landscape.” Great merchandising extends outside your shop doors. Attract shoppers, increase sales, and watch your property prosper thanks to Service Queen’s building maintenance experts.


shopping malls

Promote Business at Shopping Malls

Attract customers before they step foot in the door. Create a safe and vibrant environment that attracts shoppers to an enriching shopping experience, increases sales for retailers and positively promote your overall property. Service Queen has a plethora of reputable clients, including local and chain stores, retail centers, restaurants, malls and mixed-use town centers. We create memorable landscapes that enhance customers’ experiences and drive business.

Super Centers

Chain Stores and Super Centers

Stick within your budget by partnering with a professional landscaping company that understands cost control. Predictable budgets are essential when factoring in your landscaping maintenance services for your quarterly reports and costs of running a successful business. Look no further than Service Queen’s centralized maintenance management. Our sustainable landscaping programs provide cost-effective solutions for mowing grassy areas, blowing to clear leaves and debris as well as tree trimming and pruning.


Financial Institutions and Banks

With an unrivaled national footprint and the experience of working with many of the top retail banking institutions across America, we have the expertise, equipment, teams, and the technology to give property managers the data and transparency they need to manage efficiently.

Customer safety

Reduce Liability, Ensure Customer Safety

Service Queen provides regular monitoring and maintenance of potential hazards, such as faulty irrigation due to storm debris, weak tree limbs, or hazardous snow and ice conditions. Maintain the safety of your customers while they enjoy your place of business.

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